I’ve been avoiding the scales for a couple of weeks but I could feel that I’d gained weight. It would have been hard not to with all the eating out I’ve done recently. The actual number was quite a shock. I may have uttered the phrase “I’ll never eat again” just before preparing a bacon omelette for breakfast.


I was behind a van on the motorway that was issuing so many fumes that it was generating its own foggy micro climate. There was something very wrong with that van.


We started the day with a corporate presentation that took two hours to tell us very little. It was an effort to keep my eyes open. All the old clichés about teamwork, collaboration and trust were trotted out in presentation after dull presentation as if this was a new shiny way of working. It looked to me like the same old stuff being dressed up with a few cartoons to me. I’ve heard this stuff all my working life and after a while it ceases to have an impression, it is just noise in the background.


There were pastries after the meeting, it was a bribe to make us attend, I had more than I should and then felt instantly ashamed that I’d failed on resisting the temptation of sticky treats. This sort of behaviour will not help me lose the many kilos that I need to shed. Neither will the bucket load of fruit I had to that the sweet taste out of my mouth. I’m starting to think that fasting may be the only way forward.


The feedback request about this morning’s meeting dropped into my in-box. I was still seething over the whole pointlessness of it all so I may have been more critical than the meeting deserved. At least the survey was anonymous.


I went over to the lido at lunchtime to swim a few lengths and generally feel at one with the world. There is nothing like an outdoor pool to restore the equilibrium. I did feel unduly tired when I finished but that was countered by the feeling of well-being that always follows a swim.


I had a lot of little things to do this evening so I made list and diligently worked through it. That’s how the washing got done and a banana loaf was made whilst making urgent enquiries on the phone and installing a banking app on my tablet.


I had that taste in the back of my mouth that says cold. This might explain why I’ve been feeling a bit run down today. Having a cold now would be a bad thing. Hopefully I can keep it at bay until Saturday.


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