I woke up with that dry metallic taste in the back of my mouth. This was not an ideal state of affairs. I tried to drown it with tea and that partially worked. Even the news that my weight had started to descend couldn’t distract me from the fact that I was under the weather.


I spent the day trying to persuade myself that I wasn’t getting ill despite all the evidence to the contrary. I tried to ignore the regular cold sweats and the aching joints but eventually I had to admit that I had some sort of illness creeping up on me.


I did the laying on the bed thing when I got home in the hope that the illness would seep out of me. That didn’t work.


I wasn’t feeling that adventurous so I ended up having a baked potato with cheese and sour cream. It tasted a little odd, I put it down to the throat lozenge that I’d had a few minutes before eating dinner.


I was next to useless this evening so I sat on the sofa and thought about reading a book.


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