After a pain free night, I woke to the combined sounds of the dawn chorus and rain. One was much more pleasant than the other. I had no desire to get up so I went back to sleep.


I finally got up at about ten a headed to the kitchen to bombarded with breakfast options. I’ve not really done anything for the last few days so I didn’t feel very hungry. I settled for a bowl of muesli and declined all the other offers. It was all healthy stuff but I have an issue with the volume.


I’d tried some of the post operation stretches last night. The sitting down one was fine but the standing up one had left me feeling a bit queasy. I tried them again today only this time I didn’t feel so ill


Mum made a salad for lunch and we had it with prawns. It was lovely but again I didn’t feel I’d done anything to deserve it.


I spent the afternoon not reading a book. It sat closed in front of me whilst I actively avoided reading it. I’m starting to get a bit restless. This is the problem with not being at home, all my usual distractions and projects are not available.


I don’t normally drink wine with a meal or before a meal, so it was a bit of a surprise to be offered the choice of which wine to drink. I selected a red but had no intention of drinking it. It sat on the table in front of me unopened until dinner time. My mum thought that this was a bit odd.


Mum had made a Sunday dinner. Gannon with onion sauce accompanied with new potatoes, brussel sprouts, peas and carrots. Gannon is one of my favourites, this is the upside of recovering at my parents’ house. The wine remained unopened.


We finished the evening by watching a silly film together. I finally opened the wine and had a glass. It’s very rare for me to drink wine in the evening whilst watching television. I probably won’t be doing it again for some time


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