My weight is still on a downward trend and this makes me feel good.


I had a bacon omelette this morning. It was nice to go back to my regular breakfast routine after a few days with my parents.


I felt the need to look at my work e-mail today. I logged in mainly to send them a scan of the sick note but I got distracted by the lines and lines of mainly useless e-mails. I used my normal method of reducing them down to a manageable level. First I deleted all the information type mails. Next I scanned through anything I was cc’ed on. If it didn’t look important it was dispatched to digital heaven. At this point I stopped for a cup of tea to avoid peaking too early. Now that I had eliminated the dross I could deal with the important mails. In the end, there wasn’t that much that needed attention and of those only one required anything that resembled work.


Mum phoned me in the middle of the morning enquiring whether I would like to come back to her house for the rest of the week. In the end I agreed, I will be a long way away in a few months and completely unable to just drop in so it seemed only fair. We arranged for Mum and Dad to pick me up tomorrow, at least that way I’d get one more night without the telly blaring out all day.


Today’s lunch was corn cakes spread with butter and apple jam. This was mainly because that was all of the readily available munchies that I had in the house. This may have influenced my previous decision to go to my parents for the next few days.


I slumped in the afternoon. Work didn’t hold my attention, since handing in my notice I’m a lot less invested in it. I also realised that no one from work had enquired about my health. I didn’t expect them too but if I was my line manager I would have sent me a text. I ended up playing silly games on my computer and listening to podcasts.


Loved one had left me some pasta sauces before she returned to that big island far away. I had one on these with spaghetti this evening. It would have been nicer if we were sharing it. I have to wait a few more months before that will be a reality.


I settled on the sofa and into a book. I really didn’t have the energy for anything else. I think that is what being cooped up in doors for a few days does.


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