I heard the dawn chorus this morning. I didn’t want to as it was far too early but the birds were very insistent. I slept fitfully after that.


The desire to get out of bed was decidedly absent when the alarm went off. I struggled with my apathy for at least an hour before doing a poor impression of leaping out of bed.


I used the last of the eggs and bacon to make an omelette for breakfast. I was a bit disappointed that I’d not lost any more lard but knew full well that I’d had an attack of the numbers last night. The remains of a packet of desiccated coconut was the only evidence left.


I wanted to take the dressing off my leg but I wasn’t sure if I should. I rang the hospital to find out. The woman on the end sounded friendly and efficient. She promised that someone would ring me back to give me full aftercare details. I just wanted to take the dressing off.


I owed my neighbour some money for the recent visit to Hearne Hill. The cash had been sitting on the cupboard since last Sunday week but today was the first chance to visit. He invited me in for a cup of tea and we chatted over life in general. He mentioned that he was planning another velodrome visit. There was a minor problem, it was the day after my wedding. I will have to consult with loved one.


I like clocks and my neighbour has a wonderful old clock that is powered by ball bearings. I was jealous.


The banana loaf in the freezer started talking to me. The only way to subdue the noise was too eat many, many slices.


Mum arrived in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of a rain storm. The rain got heavier the closer we got to her house. Water was streaming down the gutters. On the way mum casually planned what we would be eating next week. I was only intending to stay a few days…

Shepherd’s pie

Mum had made shepherd’s pie for dinner, I was powerless to refuse seconds, it was fabulous.


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