I woke up feeling big and bulky. I don’t like the feeling but it should have been obvious last night that I would feel like this. I lay there for a while feeling hot and uncomfortable before deciding to get up.


I didn’t want to eat any breakfast but mum was having none of it. She had put some fruit I a bowl and some yoghurt beside it. I felt shamed into eating it, I felt fatter after.


Mum and dad decided to visit my sister so I tagged along to get out of the house. I was starting to get a bit restless and the urge to go home was getting stronger.


Mum wanted to visit the supermarket on the way home. She goes to the one that I don’t like. It’s slightly more tolerable this time of day but not tolerable enough to make me want to go back.


I’m getting fed up with watching television in the evening. It’s the volume that gets home in the end. It is either unbearably loud or too quiet for the human ear to detect. The is no middle ground in this house.


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