I was woken by the sounds of garden machinery. It was far too early for these sounds to be heard. I’m sure the is some sort of convention that states that grass should not be trimmed before eight in the morning. Any earlier than this is just inhumane.


I tackled the mound of emails again today. It was only a half-hearted attempt as I had no interest in much of it. As long as I can keep it all in check until I get beck all will be good


I gave up on work and rang the consultant’s office to find if I needed to be doing anything. It’s then I found out that he had left me a list of things that I should be doing. This includes a pain diary. If I’d been keeping one of those I would have included being woken up by garden machinery this morning. They had also failed to tell me about the appointment they had made for me. I let them know how completely underwhelmed I was with the performance of the hospital in communicating with me was.


Poached eggs and baked beans on toast, what could possibly go wrong


I’ve been using a long bit of stretchy rubber stuff to add some resistance to one of the stretches I’m doing as part of the recovery. It snapped in half in the middle of my routine leaving me with two smaller band that were next to useless for stretching with.


Mum made chicken wrapped in bacon tonight and served it with a asparagus. We ate it whilst watching rubbish television programs and with the sound on high. I started to develop a headache.


A program about vets came on. It featured a dog with a brain tumour. This made me think of my dog that had to be put down after developing a brain tumour. I made my excuses and left the room. That particular memory is just a little too raw. I’d forgotten what asparagus does to your urine, but I was reminded when I nipped to the loo on route to doing my stretches.


It was only ten in the evening but I was tired. I have no idea why as I have not really done anything that warrants being this tired.


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