I woke up in the dark feeling hot and clammy. My mouth was furry and the room was slowly spinning. I felt slightly sick. I lay there stock still and willed myself back to sleep. I had no desire to get up as that had the potential of starting a catastrophic chain of events.


The alarm went off at six, I got out of bed at eight. The feelings from the night had passed.


Dad needed some help to take some rubbish to the dump so I tagged along. The sort of help he had in mind was me carrying everything to the containers whilst he worked out which container it should go in. Dumps have changed a lot since the last time I visited one. There are a lot more decisions to be made.

Help desk

The help desk finally rang back about my connection problem. I went through the same procedure as yesterday and ended up at the same point: not connected. I have now reset my password six times in the knowledge that this will not fix the problem. The last words were: “I’ll have to escalate this”. I’m hoping that this means that the problem will be given to someone who knows how to fix it. I’m looking forward to the next instalment of the help desk saga.


Dad gave me a lift home after he had returned from doing whatever he does. We checked that my car was still working and then he left. I have a feeling he had an appointment with an afternoon snooze. It was so nice to be back in a house where the television was off.


My back garden had been growing in my absence. The grass especially had taken on the countenance of a jungle. It needed cutting so that I could stare idly out onto a manicured lawn. I had to hold back from weeding all the boarders. I knew that once I started I would be out there for hours.


I had a sad salad for tea, I made it from the few things that were in the fridge: three tomatoes and four spring onions. I mixed them with a can of beans and some mayonnaise. It wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worse either


My parents have a weedy underpowered thing that they call a shower, I have something altogether more respectable. I stood under it for the longest time revelling in its magnificence. It is a glorious shower.


The cat had been no less that a meter away from me since I’d returned. I think that she had missed me. I climbed into bed and she assumed her position on the covers sitting on my hip, purring loudly.



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