I weighed myself for the first time in a while this morning and despite my mother feeding me on her slimmer’s world diet food I’d managed to put on a kilo or so during the week. I’m not surprised, the volume of the slimming food was the problem.


It was time for a check up on the progress of my leg. I managed to make the appointment with seconds to spare due to being behind a tractor for the majority of the journey. The consultant was quite happy with the progress. After a bit of wobbling my leg around he said that I was well on the way to full mobility. I mentioned that the back of my knee was a bit sore. He said that this was because he had stuck a knife into it. It seemed a reasonable comment. He also said that I could start some gentle swimming and easy cycling; no running though.


I filled the afternoon by dealing with the trivia of life. I may have slept a bit as well


I had spaghetti for tea with some pasta sauce that had been made by my loved one a few weeks before. It was nice to be back to my usual diet.


I have many cans of beer in the fridge at the moment owning to an impulse buy a few weeks ago. Tonight, felt right to make a dent in the collection of cans. I made a small dent but felt rather wobbly after the second can. I must remember that I can’t drink like I used to.


Sleep came quickly, it must have been the beer.


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