I was coaching the early session this morning so I had to crawl out of bed almost the moment the alarm went off. My system wasn’t prepared for that. I got to poolside with seconds to spare and spent the rest of the session telling the swimmers all about body alignment during the rest periods.


As I coached both sessions today I felt that I deserved the hot chocolate and toasted tea cake afterwards.


I went to the supermarket after swim coaching. I had a remarkably short list so it didn’t take long to zoom round the aisles like a man possessed. I hit the jackpot at the checkout as far as my nephew is concerned. The person in front of me didn’t want the Lego cards that they are handing out at the moment so I got a whole bunch more for him. He will be a very happy chap when I give to him.


I went through my kitchenware today to work out what I am packing and what I’m giving away. The keep pile filled the kitchen table, the throw pile filled the kitchen. It was surprisingly easy to whittle down the pile to the essentials, such as my pasta machine.


I had spaghetti again this evening. This time with a vegetable sauce and no beer.


I went through some of my paperwork this evening and found that a lot of it could be thrown away. I stumbled across a folder that contained a pile of certificates dating back to when I was in primary school. I was quite proud of some of those certificates.


After sorting out all that paperwork I felt I deserved a beer before bedtime.


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