There was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. I don’t normally wake up for things like that and I have been known to sleep through the emergency services attending to a fire a street away but for some reason it woke me up and I slept fitfully for the rest of the night.


Yet again I was awake enough to make a cup of tea but not awake enough to stay out of bed. I laid there wondering why I was quite so tired and why my hair resembled a hay stack.


I prepared poached eggs on a bread roll again today. I toyed with the idea of making some bread rolls today so that I could carry on having poached eggs throughout the week but in the end, I made the decision to have omelette

Loose end

I didn’t really have that much to do today, so that is exactly what I did


I have to go to work tomorrow as my excuse for not working has run out. I’m not looking forward to it but I felt that I should prepare myself. I made my lunches for the next few days, Couscous salad, and put them in the fridge. After that I worked my way through a punnet of strawberries. Normally at this time of year I enjoy making strawberry jam but this year will not be normal.


I continued doing very little into the afternoon until I was engulfed in the exhaustion that only comes with doing very little. I had to take a nap to get rid of the lingering tiredness.


It had taken me all day but eventually I got around to putting the peddles back on my bike. I’d taken them off a while ago so that I could use them at Herne Hill but as I’ve not been doing any exercise recently there didn’t seem to be any point rushing to put them back on.


It was pasta shells with a mushroom sauce this evening, it was very tasty but a bit heavy on the garlic. I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to me tomorrow.


I rounded off the evening with a whisky as there was a measure sitting in the bottom of the bottle looking lonely. I had the notion that it may take smell of garlic away. It didn’t work.


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