This waking with the dawn chorus thing is starting to get a little tiresome as dawn is so early at the moment. I tried hiding from it by putting my head under the pillow but that didn’t help the being awake at silly o’clock in the morning. It was time to get up by the time I’d fallen asleep.


I weighed myself this morning to find that my body had settled on a new heavier stable weight. I’m not happy about this as I can feel bits wobbling around. I contemplated this whilst I made an omelette and did my morning stretches


I’d not missed the morning treadmill for the last two weeks but I was back on it today. The motorway was reasonably benign today. I would rather have been at home though


I got to work to find that I had been added to a test program that meant I had to go through a long and laborious process to log into my e-mail. It only took two hours and three calls to the help desk before I could view the full hideousness that was my inbox. I spend the next few hours cutting the pile of e-mails down to size


Even though I’d brought my swimming things with me ready for a dip I’d lost the urge to go by lunchtime. I settled into my packed lunch instead. I didn’t feel that guilty about it.

Desk mate

The guy that sits next to me was obviously bored. He kept asking stupid questions and trying to distract me. It was all very annoying. If I did the same to him it would probably react very differently.


The consultant had said that I could do some gentle indoor cycling, so that is exactly what I did. It consisted of a warm up followed immediately by a cool down. It didn’t feel very satisfying


I spent the rest of the evening trying to work out how many boxes I would need to pack my belongings in and ship them around the world. This resulted in frustration and a headache so I gave up and went to bed.


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