Another morning, another dawn chorus. I’m getting a little fed up with being woken up at silly o’clock in the morning and then not being able to go back to sleep.


I’m still the same (heavy) weight. I’ve been the same (heavy) weight for many days now. I’d like to be a lighter stable weight.


It was day two of the bacon omelette, I was starting to wish that I’d made some bread rolls at the weekend so that I could have poached eggs for breakfast. I’m getting bored of bacon omelette.


There was a holdup on the motorway this morning. I sat in the traffic and realised that everything was back to normal. It was a depressing thought. At least there is light at the end of my tunnel.


I dragged myself away from the screen at lunch time and went for a swim. I wanted to do an easy swim as I’ve not been in the water for nearly 3 weeks. Once I was in all thoughts of going easy left my head. There was someone else in the lane and they were going slightly slower than me. I could reel them in slowly over many lengths. I got within a couple of meters and then, all of a sudden, they got faster. I think they may have realised what I was trying to do. I felt good after that swim and vowed to go again tomorrow.


I spent the evening working out how many boxes I would need to pack my life into. I wandered round the house with a tape measure and size guide making wild guesses. My plan is to make an estimate, double it and then add fifty percent. That should cover all eventualities. Even applying this well-trodden technique, it still seemed like a very small number of boxes to pack my life into.


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