I wasn’t woken up quite so early today but earlier than I really wanted to be. I laid in bed waiting for the alarm to sound whilst listening to the birdsong. The cat compounded the being awake by walking over me at any opportunity.


This morning seemed like a repeat of yesterday morning only with the addition of having a shave. I feel that I should do something different in the mornings although I have no idea what.


I got half way to work before I realised that I’d not packed my swimming goggles. I had everything else but I find swimming without goggles almost impossible. I have never been able to open my eyes underwater in a pool.


I ate my way through a couscous salad wishing that I could be in the pool. In fact, I was wishing that I could be anywhere else but sitting at my desk eating couscous with bits in it.


The motorway seemed to be one long jam this evening but that didn’t stop the man in front of me driving like an erratic loon. He seemed to be waving his hands about as well. My guess was that he was talking on a hands-free mobile but using his hands anyway. At one point on the journey I was cut up by three Mercedes Benz in a row. There must have been a club meeting.


I did another short session on the bike this evening. It was a tiring 15 minutes of getting sweaty. It’s sad that all the hard-gained fitness has faded to nothing during my convalescence.


After showering I discovered I’d not taken my soup out of the freezer last night. This added a lot of extra time to the whole warming process so I busied myself by taking books from the book shelf and putting them in a bag.


I had a battle with the on-line music store this evening. I have not used this particular on before and it seems to be designed to actively discourage anyone from buying music. It took me about an hour to work my way through the layers of checks before I could finally download the track I desired. If it wasn’t so imperative that I had the track I would have given up long before.


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