I woke half an hour before the alarm this morning so the tiredness of a frustrating evening must have had some good. I staggered down stairs, discovered that I’m still the same (heavy) weight and then made some breakfast. It was omelette again. I toyed with the idea of not having omelette but the thought was too hard to bear.


The journey to work this morning was a joy. It felt as if everyone else was on holiday. I got to the office far too early but this will justify an early departure so I’m not that bothered.


I headed off to the swimming pool at lunch time to find a long queue of kids and parents waiting to get in. I calculated that by the time I got to the front of the queue it would be time to turn around and go back to the office, so I gave up. I didn’t feel too bad about doing that as I was feeling tired.


The afternoon moved at a pedestrian pace. A colleague was planning her wedding, she hasn’t even got a partner. She had less to do that I did.


I came home via the jewellers to pick up my ring. I slipped it on to check that it fitted. It felt like it had been there forever. I took this as a good sign.


I hadn’t planned to do much this evening and I achieved it. It’s nice to have the odd success.


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