I went along to the club swim session this morning. There weren’t that many people there as it was sunny; this makes the reservoir a big draw. I wasn’t too confident that I would get through the set but I gave it my best shot. That wasn’t good enough though. I had to stand at the side for a few minutes in the middle of the set to recover some energy. I guess that is what happens when I don’t swim for nearly a month.


I had to visit the supermarket to get vital supplies. The first problem I encountered was that the hatch back had locked its self and was refusing to open. I had to resort to crawling through the back seat to get the shopping bags. The shopping its self was easy and quick. There wasn’t much on the list and the supermarket seemed emptier than usual.


The grass didn’t need cutting but I felt that I should anyway. This was a mistake. Half way through there was a crunching noise and then the machine failed to trim anything. One of the blades had hit a stone and shattered. Now I had a half-cut lawn and a broken lawn mower. I had to go to the garden shop to get a new blade. I don’t like doing this as it means an extra trip in the car. I’d already passed the store this morning. Eventually I got the new blade fitted and finished the lawn but it felt like this one small task had taken up a significant amount of the day.


I was starting to feel hungry so I set about doing a simple chicken meal. Chicken thighs with stir fry vegetables and spinach. All things that I love. I made far too much and felt stuffed at the end of it. That didn’t stop me having a small apple and blackberry crumble for dessert. I almost rolled to bed.


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