I felt the urge to swim this morning so I headed off to the quarry for a quick dip. The water was a lot warmer than the last time I was here. There were more people swimming without wetsuits and those that were, were complaining about getting too hot. The long course was open, this is essentially a loop or the lake. I made my happy way round a few times. I didn’t want to stay in too long but it was just too enjoyable. I had a long and rambling debate with myself on the last lap about whether it was going to be the last lap or not. I think I made the right decision. I was cold enough to need the down jacket but not so cold that I was a dribbling wreck.


Painting the ceiling in the little room had been on my list of things to do for a very long time. The paint, step ladder and covers were all in the room and had been for a few weeks. I had no excuse to put it off any longer. Once I set to it, it really didn’t take that long. As with all these things the procrastination takes more time than the actual task.


I had promised myself that I would make some bread today, purely to use up the ingredients in the cupboards. In a fit of mixing and kneading I made six bread rolls and two focaccia. I do like the process of making bread, it is relaxing and violent in equal measures.


I made some soup as well, Butternut squash soup because I had one that needed using. I chucked it in some chicken stock with some onions and pepper and let it simmer for a while. I have no idea how it tastes but it smelt alright.


After all that food preparation, I had to make dinner. I didn’t feel that enthusiastic about it. It was a repeat of yesterday only with cold chicken. I even made eh same mistake of finishing up with the crumble. Yet again I felt bloated. It was not a good state for a Sunday evening. I tried to wash the excess lard away in a shower but that didn’t work.


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