I’m still heavy, I don’t like that. I decided to skip breakfast because of this. I was slightly lighter after a visit to the loo but I felt that wasn’t a sustainable way to lose the lard.


I spent far too much time on the motorway this morning. The junction I normally get off at had been closed due to an accident. It seemed like all the traffic got off at the junction before and clogged all the roads to work. I was not in good humour when I got to work


I gorged myself on two apples, two plums and two oranges; so much for having no breakfast


It had been raining since yesterday and it was still raining at lunchtime. Any enthusiasm I had for going swimming at lunchtime had been washed away. I sat at my desk, shovelled Couscous into my face and felt miserable.


I’m getting less and less engaged with my work as the days go past. I have no desire to be here and no real incentive to actually do anything productive. I may have made a mistake in giving so much notice.


I spend almost an hour queueing to get onto the motorway. The slip road had been blocked, although the reason wasn’t obvious or apparent when I got there. All in all I have spent four and a half hours in my car today. I’m not happy about that


On the way home, I kept seeing the most fantastic cloud formation. Every now and then a rainbow appeared on the side of the cloud adding a bit of colour.


I had broccoli soup for tea. It should have helped with the weight loss. The bar of chocolate I had afterwards probably wouldn’t


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