I woke up tired and even a slight reduction in my weight didn’t help lift the tiredness. I had a bread roll for breakfast as anything else seemed like far too much effort.


I had to drop the keys off at the estate agent this morning as there is a viewing on Friday when I’m at work. It was only a little thing but walking back to the car I suddenly felt overwhelmed by everything that is going on at the moment. For a few moments I was on the verge of tears. This is not a good feeling and most unlike me. I have a feeling that I shouldn’t be listening to all the people that tell me I’m doing most of life’s stressful things in the space of a couple of months, they might convince me that it’s true


We had a drop in and tell us what we can improve type meeting at work today. They were offering cake as an incentive to turn up. I think I have a certain reputation but when people said “pretend this is your exit interview” I felt obliged to say to them that I had nothing to say at an exit interview that I hadn’t already said in public. Maybe I shouldn’t express my feelings in public but I feel that is better than just tolerating the current position.


The website said something different to the form that said something different to the brochure so I rang them up. What followed was a prime example of someone trying to be helpful when they did not actually have an answer. So now I have four sources of information and even more confusion.


I should have got on the bike trainer and peddled away this evening but I just didn’t feel like it. Instead I started tidying the house for the viewing on Friday. It didn’t take long but there is still a little more to do tomorrow.


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