I had no desire to wake up this morning, the cat had no desire to either. She stayed firmly in place as I started stirring. Normally she would be bouncing all over me in an effort to be fed. Not this morning. Her one desire was to stay on the bed.


The scales hadn’t moved since yesterday, which was a blessing. I made myself poached eggs as yet again I had remembered to take the bread out of the freezer. This was becoming a habit.


I entered work by the normal door and arrived to a ringing phone. Apparently I shouldn’t have been able to open that door with my pass and I should have come in via the front door. Security were slightly mystified at my security settings on the system. So was I.


Things had been fixed overnight so I’d not walked into the mess that I had feared. This restored balance to my sleep deprived world. I spent the rest of the day feeling a little superfluous to requirements whilst things happened around me. This is the problem with good planning and preparation. There is never anything left to do during the actual day


I got home and spent the evening doing a good impression of a zombie. I was in bed before the sun went down and felt no guilt about that whatsoever.



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