Waking up this morning was less pleasant than usual. I felt washed up and vague before I left the comfort of the covers. I have missed my weekend.


I was feeling wobbly but the scales told the hideous truth. I’d gained weight. I’s contemplated not eating anything today but this consolidated the idea. I made up my mind that today would be a limited food day. I’m not naïve enough to think that I can go the whole day without eating anything but I can get by on the bare minimum.


I’d left some fruit on my desk last night. They stayed there until about mid-morning when I decided that I needed a small snack. It was only a couple of apples and two oranges but they were consumed with vigour.


I went to the lido at lunchtime. I was feeling tired and needed an injection of activity to stop me from falling asleep. I decided beforehand that this should be an easy swim and not too long. I really enjoyed the swim, it may not have recharged the batteries but it ran them down in a much more pleasant way.


I was a little peckish when I got back so I raided the fruit basket for a banana and a couple of plums. Today’s fast was featuring a lot of fruit.


I gave up on work at about four as my yawns were becoming infectious. It seemed only fair to leave everyone else hard at work whilst I slipped home


I had another banana when I got home. This was the last meal of the day. I then took my mind of eating by doing a whole pile of trivial tasks that needed doing.


For the second day in a row I was in bed before the sun went down.


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