Cat Sick

I was woken by the sound of a cat regurgitating its food onto the bedspread. It is not the ideal way to be introduced to a new day. I tried to ignore the noise and the consequences but basic hygiene took the better of me so I got up and cleared the mess up before attempting a few more minutes of wonderful sleep


Compared to yesterday I wa a lot lighter but as I’d not eaten much yesterday I put this down to emptying rather than actual weight loss. I made myself a cup of tea and contemplated another day of reduced food. It didn’t actually worry me that much and I wasn’t excessively hungry.


I raided the fruit basket when I got to work and made short work of  a couple of apples, two oranges, two plums and a banana. I’m not sure if what I’m doing can really be classed as fasting as I seem to be eating quite a lot.

Post Office

I needed to post a parcel and that meant going up to town. I missed the company minibus by a few inches so decided to walk instead. It is only a 15-minute walk and it was a nice sunny day. The post office is no longer a queue of restless people, it now more like a deli counter where you take a ticket and wait for your number to be called. There were machines as well but the queue seemed just as long. I prefer being served by someone. With the machine, I have to know what I’m doing whereas with a person the responsibility is with them.


I raided the fruit basket again in the afternoon. This time for a couple of apples and a plum. Fast is absolutely not the name of the thing I am doing.


I had to get a few things from the supermarket on the way home and this put all kinds of temptations in my path. A bag of pork scratchings made it into my basket and the contents disappeared on the way home.


When I looked at the back of the packet it gave me the calories per portion. When I looked again at home I realised that the packet “contained” 3 portions. This really annoys me. Why can’t they say how many calories are in a a packet? It would take monumental self-discipline to empty out one third of a packet and leave the rest for another day. If I had that sort of discipline I wouldn’t be over weight in the first place.


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