Once a year on a special day I have a bar of chocolate for breakfast. Today was that day. I went for Cadburys with whole hazelnuts. I ate the whole bar in minutes and then felt slightly ill. It was worth it.


The pool was fuller that I expected today. When I asked at the gate they told me that the local schools had a day off. At least it wasn’t heaving with people and I could get a relatively empty lane. I had a nice gentle swim and returned to the office feeling relaxed. This was good.


I slipped off from work a little earlier than usual because nearly everybody else was in meetings and there was no one to notice me leave. I got home in time to do my stretches have a shave, get changed and leave the house again. All through this the cat was giving me dirty looks


Mum and Dad had invited me out for a meal to celebrate. The pub/restaurant was half way between us and had recently been refurbished. The only disadvantage was that I couldn’t have too much to drink. In hindsight, this is probably a good thing. I settled on the steak and kidney pudding. I like stake and kidney pudding. I like it a lot. This one didn’t disappoint, although it could have had a little more kidney.


I got home feeling fat, it was all I could do to roll onto the bed an lay in a prone position. Just as I was falling asleep the phone rang. I toyed with the idea of letting it ring but relented and answered it. It was my brother. He keeps very different hours to me. He did chatty, I did terse, I think that it slowly dawned on him that I was falling asleep so eventually he stopped talking so I could get back to laying on the covers and feeling fat


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