I didn’t need to get up at the usual time but I’d forgotten to turn off my alarm. It took me a while to work out why I was awake, about a minute to fix the problem and then seconds to fall back asleep. I eventually surfaced a few hours later, ready to shamble my way through the day.


I decided yesterday that I would have a little run/walk today. The forecast was for hot so it seemed sensible to do the run early. My intention was to do my little loop as a two-minute run followed by a one minute walk. I started by doing all my stretches and then I ran slowly up the road. I was sensitive to any slight pain coming from my foot. The last time I’d tried this it had triggered to whole surgery thing. I had no desire to go through that again. There were little twinges but on the whole, it went well. The pain I’d experienced before wasn’t there. It was just a bit of not run for a long-time soreness. I finished the run with a whole lot more stretching. I guess all runs are going to be like this now, equal parts stretching to running.


I had a late breakfast of poached eggs on a bread roll, my favourite Sunday breakfast.


I’d been looking forward to today’s swimming adventure for a long time. I had everything packed and ready to go. Then I received a text. My swimming partner couldn’t make it. It was not a swim that I was willing to do on my own. It was committing to say the least and a little bit of moral support would have been welcome. I gave up on the idea of doing the swim and retreated to the sofa for a little nap.


Suddenly I had nothing planned. There are always things to do but I had to work up to them. I’d been putting off one task for a while now as I knew it was going to be much less straightforward than it ought to be. It took me over an hour to do it when it felt like it should only take a few minutes. I had to drink a lot of tea to recover.


I found a container of pasta sauce at the back of the freezer. I mixed in some stray kidney beans and frozen mushrooms and ate it with rice. I think that I made too much rice but I felt obliged to eat it all. I felt like I needed a sweet course but there was nothing to hand so I made do with a whisky.


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