Smoke alarm

I’m sure that smoke alarms are made to run out of battery in the middle of the night. I was woken by a shrill alarm that is very hard to ignore. I checked that there wasn’t a fire by sniffing the air and then took the battery out. It was hardtop get back to sleep after that but I managed it.


I’d spent the night laying on the duvet cover as it was too hot to go under it. I woke up to the feeling of a warm patch in the small of my back. It took a while to work out that that was where the cat had curled up to sleep.


I felt the old familiar pain in my heel this morning. I wasn’t happy about that. It wasn’t as bad as the pain of old but it was still there. I hadn’t planned to run today but if the pain is still there tomorrow my comeback into the world of running could be delayed indefinitely. That is not a good outcome.


I went to the lido for a swim at lunch time. Unfortunately for me so had everyone else. After a quick chat with a security man I found that I would be queuing for about thirty minutes if I wanted to get in. It would have been time to finish and return to the office by then. I was not happy. I could have gone to the indoor pool up the road but I wasn’t in the mood. I went back to work instead.


I started out today with the intention of a little food day but I blew that by having some lunch in the canteen. It was only chips, cauliflower and green beans bu it felt like a lot more than that. I resolved not to eat anything for tea.


My finance man came round this evening to allow me to sign my worldly wealth away and to answer a few questions. The meeting took half an hour and I feel that I might have done something very significant. It’s done now and hopefully it will pay off in the long term, no point worrying about it now.


My resolve to not have any more to eat failed about a quarter of an hour after the finance man left. I vented my frustrated hunger on a tin of chicken and bacon soup that had been lurking at the back of the cupboard for many months. I felt better after consuming it directly from the saucepan.


It was far too warm to do anything that required rational thought so I laid on the bed and read a book until I fell into a sweaty sleep.


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