Sleep inertia

I came round as a sweaty mess lying on top of the covers. It took a long while for the morning grogginess to dissipate and I was able to operate as a normal human being. It wasn’t until I’d had a shower that balance was restored.


I wasn’t sure if my heel was still painful. I definitely had sore leg muscles from my Sunday run. I felt I should give it another day until I tried another short run/walk.


I had my swimming kit with me but due to the combined forces of hot weather and the project I’m working on going pears up and tit shaped I ended up having chips in the canteen and working for the majority of my lunch break. This sort of thing does not make me happy or cheerful.


I had to get petrol in the village on my way home. The weird shop assistant was serving today but I manged to get away with the bear minimum of conversation. I count this as a win. I could have been trapped for hours listening to his opinions on the news and weather, just like the person behind me in the queue.


I got home late and wasn’t really in the mood to do anything other than the basics. I had thought that I could get on the bike trainer for half an hour but that gave way to making and eating a bowl of soup followed by reading a book.


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