For the first time in a few days I felt the need to sleep under the covers rather than on top. I started the night on top but sometime in the morning I woke up feeling a little chilly.


Despite my best efforts over the last few days I’d not really lost any weight, today was quite depressing a a slight gain had put me into the next kilo


I felt reckless so I had an extra rasher of bacon with my omelette.


I had to chair a meeting in the middle of lunch time. I would have preferred to be swimming but there was no legitimate way of getting out of it. I had the great and the good on the phone and had to move them slowly towards making a sensible decision. It wasn’t helped by one or two others on thecal wanting a different outcome. These people were not close to the problem and neither did they realise quite how hard their simple suggestions would be to implement. I don’t have much time for people who speak from a position of ignorance. I try not to make it show. I fail.


The hungers grabbed me in the middle of the afternoon. I was forced to buy a small packet of peanuts to keep them at bay. I need to find another way of keeping them at bay that doesn’t involve stuffing myself with packets of snack food.


I didn’t feel like inning when I got home. I could feel a slight pain in my heel and it was far too humid. I know that I should do some sort of exercise but the recent run of hot weather has sapped my energy and enthusiasm for it. I warmed up some soup and had a shower instead.


I’ve been avoiding filling in one particular set of forms for about two weeks. I really had to do it. In the end, it was quite straight forward and only took about an hour to complete. I didn’t even need to stop for a cup of tea which was quite amazing. Further progress was thwarted by the lack of a stamp or a scanner.


I finished the evening by lying naked on the bed beside a fan reading a book.


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