I started the day with a bacon roll, I felt that my breakfast routine needed a break from eggs. It would have been better if I’d had some mustard but a bacon roll without mustard is almost as good


One of the main routes in to the town where I work was closed because the road melted. This has caused traffic havoc as everyone tries to find an alternative route to work. There were warning signs all along the motorway. I toyed with the idea of going the back way but decided that there would be no point. Everyone else would be doing the same. I gambled on the traffic not being as bad as the reports and warnings suggested and went the normal way. The traffic was heavy but nowhere near as bad as the traffic reports would make you believe. I got to my desk a quarter hour later than normal.


Finally, the planets aligned to allow me to have a swim in the lido at lunch time. The warmth has subsided and with it so has the queue. There were still a fair few people there taking advantage of the warm weather and the fantastic venue but not enough to dash my attempts to swim. I had to share my lane with a duck, that is not a bad thing. I returned to work feeling refreshed and shower fresh. This felt good.


I had an appointment this evening with a restaurateur at a restaurant near my mother’s house so I had to pop in to see my parents. They had a few technical support issues that the wanted me to sort out. The main one was “why doesn’t my e-mail work”. The simple answer being that Mum had sent many e-mails to friends and her e-mail provider had decided she was a spammer. After sorting that out I wandered up to the resturent to find that the person I needed to talk to was in a car heading back from the airport.


Mum had made a tray bake for tea. It was chicken thighs accompanied with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, roast peppers and tomatoes. All this and asparagus too. Mum started talking about the usual family topics: the troubles of my sister and why my brother never comes round to visit, before moving onto higher topic such as how to organise a group of old women and table decorations.


After dinner I went back to the restaurant to have the chat I should have had before dinner. It took all of fifteen minutes to sort out all of the details, most of which had been confused by a game of Chinese whispers. Table layouts, table decorations, numbers it was all straight forward when two people who knew what was going on could talk to eat other. People guessing is always a recipe for disaster.


I finished off the evening with a can of beer, I think I deserved it.


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