I was awake at four thirty in the morning and just couldn’t roll over and go back to sleep. Eventually I gave up trying and read a book instead.


Unsurprisingly given last night’s meal I was a lot heavier this morning. Even mum noticed and commented on my recent weight gain last night. I am going to have to find a different approach as my current approach seems to have run out of steam.


After an uninspiring morning, I went to the lido for a lunch time swim. There was no queue and that was a good thing. The slightly lower temperature had chased the crowds away. I chose the lane with the duck because I like the idea of a duck in the pool. I spent the next half an hour gently doing lengths and realising that my goggles were too small and too tight. I resolved to throw them in the bin on the way out, I didn’t.


The afternoon seemed to drag on and on. I was so thankful when the earliest possible leaving time finally rolled round


I had a lot to do this evening as loved one was arriving in the morning but instead of getting on with it I laid on the bed and fell asleep. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, it just happened. I must had needed it


I managed to get most of the housework that needed doing done but I was distracted by a can of lager or two. There are always a few things that can wait.



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