Today was my last coaching session with the club but that didn’t make getting out of bed and getting to poolside ant easier. I got to pool side with seconds to spare but more pleasingly I got there a few seconds before the other coach. Had I brought a marker pen I could have written the set up on the board, however I failed in that department.


After coaching the set, I then swam it. I’m never sure if this is a good idea as I know what is coming. This set had a lot of drills. Much as I like doing drills I felt that doing up to four lengths of some of them was a little excessive. I could now see what they were complaining about in the previous session. I felt that I deserved the large slice of carrot cake in the café afterwards


After swimming, I had a lightning speed visit to the supermarket. I’d left my carefully prepared shopping list at home so I had to guess what was written on it. Luckily the large slice of cake stopped me from being hungry which in turn stopped me from grabbing a basketful of sugary treats.


I got back home and had to wait. Loved one was arriving at midday so I had to mark time until then. I filled the time with trivial things like doing the ironing and straightening the carpets


I was monitoring the arrival times whilst I was flitting around. My plan was to leave as the plane touched down. That would get me to arrivals just before she walked out. Suddenly the arrival time jumped back 10 minutes. This was not in the plan, this made a leisurely drive with plenty of faffing time more of a rush. It also meant that anything that could delay me did: slow cars, cyclists and to cap it all a road closure due to an accident. I walked into the terminal half expecting loved on to be there waiting for me.


I stood in the crowd at arrivals scanning every face, waiting for loved one to emerge. Last time I had missed her coming out of the gates so this time I was determined not to. I failed.


Once we got home an unpacked it was time to play “keep loved one awake”. Jet lag is a terrible thing and it had been a long flight. We decided that a short stroll would be best. The short stroll turned into quite a long ramble as the weather because it seemed the right thing to do. We got home two hours later ready for something to eat.


Despite having a kitchen full of food, I had no intention of cooking this evening. Instead I went to the Chinese take away armed with an order of sweet and sour pork balls and some other things that probably included vegetables, not that I cared as the pork balls were for me.


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