I still couldn’t hear from one ear when I woke up. When I had the other ear on the pillow I was effectively deaf. That’s why I couldn’t hear loved one ask me whether I would like a cup of tea. The answer is always “yes” so there wasn’t really a need to ask.


There was a car straddling the barriers of the dual carriageway. There was nothing to indicate why it was there or how it go there. It must have been recent as there was a man fishing things out of the cabin. I spent the rest of the journey to work trying to work out the chain of events that ended in that situation. Some of my thoughts involved spacecraft and aliens


I sat through a meeting with my finger in the other ear. It was very amusing trying to work out what was going on without the sound. Anyone who says the majority of communication is nonverbal has never been effectively deaf in a meeting.


We had a team lunch today in a local pub. It was to say bon voyage to two members of the team who were returning to India after a month or so of English weather. They will be returning to the monsoon so todays rain must have prepared them for that. I had the fish and chips because I’m boring and predictable. I declined the offer of a beer as I know that a beer at lunchtime would lead to a very sleepy afternoon. The girl next to me went overboard on the cheese. She had a haloumi starter followed by a brie based open sandwich. She looked a little green by the end of it.


The pain in my ear was getting worse and I made up my mind that I was going to the doctors in the morning. I carefully told the rest of the team that I was unlikely to be in tomorrow and that I would work from home. I felt that I deserved a day at home and if I actually did get some work done, that would be a bonus.


Loved one and I had been invited out for a meal this evening. The pain in my ear had worsened so I wasn’t a brilliant guest. Even chewing had become painful. Our host started with guacamole and then we moved onto the main course of salmon with a Greek salad. We finished off with strawberries and cream, always the perfect end to a meal. We chatted about all kinds of things but tried not to vocalise that this would probably be the last time I saw our host.


We made our excuses and left. The pain from my ear was becoming the centre of my every movement. It was driving me to distraction. I don’t like pain at the best of times but when it’s in my head it seems to make it worse. There was a whistling in my ear as well, that was almost as annoying as the pain. Sleep was a relief from it all


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