I woke in pain, I woke in pain quite a lot during the night but this was the final waking in pain of the night. If there was any doubt that I would be going to the doctors today it was completely eliminated by the pain.


I dropped off loved one at swimming and stayed around long enough to watch people who really shouldn’t attempt fly stroke empty the pool with their thrashing attempts.


I was second in the queue at the minor injuries unit. The man in front had recently had a tendon operated on. He explained that he’d fallen over this morning, heard a snap and had then been in pain. I feel that his injury was worthy of being in front of my ear ache.


I reeled of the sorry tale to the nurse, she then tried to look into the ear. It was completely blocked by the swelling. At this point she said that I needed to see a doctor as I needed something stronger that the spray and she wasn’t able to prescribe it. She made a few phone calls and told me that someone would ring me back within an hour.

Tea Cakes

I went back to the pool to collect loved one. Everyone looked a little shattered after that session, it must have been hard. I lined up in the queue for our regulation after swimming hot chocolate and tea cake. The woman on the till wasn’t too happy with the tea cake, she felt it was a little over done. It didn’t look too bad to me though.  We settled into the post swim snack when my phone rang. I wandered outside where it was quieter and went through the sorry tale yet again. This all resulted in a doctor’s appointment at the big hospital a little later. In the meantime, the woman behind the counter had been overcome with guilt about the over toasted tea cake and supplied another properly toasted tea cake to make up for our non-existent disappointment. We ate both.


We got to the hospital a bit before the allotted time and instantly got lost. Eventually we found the correct room, it was disguised as the fracture clinic. We sat in the empty waiting room, outnumbered by receptionists and waited to be called. It wasn’t long before I was telling another doctor and a trainee the whole sorry tale yet again. They both tried to peer into my ear with the same results as last time. I ended up with a prescription for stronger antibiotics and told that I should feel an improvement within 48 hours. I really wanted something that would work instantly.


The pills were blue, I’m not sure if that is significant


I met up with a group of people in a Thai restaurant this evening. The aim of the evening was to eat, drink and be merry. Everybody round the table had been involved in my adventures over the years and it is entirely possible that I had been a catalyst for them to do things that they weren’t quite sure about. It was a fun evening.


After the meal, some of us went to a noisy pub, it was far too noisy but we stayed there until the others arrived. Then we found that Pete had had his car locked into the car park.


We found a pub more suited to our temperaments. It was here that we managed to drink beer and chat into the evening. This was so much better than the pumping noise of the earlier pub.


We rounded off the evening with a brandy at my brothers.


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