Lie in

I woke up late but thankfully without a headache. Unfortunately, I still had the earache and that made up for any hangover that I could have had. I couldn’t face breakfast as I was still full from last night but I managed a cup of tea. It tasted odd but at least it was wet and warm.

Car Park

I dropped Pete off at the car park to negotiate getting his car freed and headed off to the ring road. I quickly knew I’d gone the wrong way but carried on regardless. It was a surprise to see Pete pull out of a junction ahead. I tried to hid behind cars hoping that he hadn’t seen me.


It was a glorious day and far too nice to stay indoors. We had a few errands to run and after those we dropped into a pub by a lake. We wiled away the time watching water-skiers zig zag up and down the lake and fair skinned people getting slowly roasted in the sun.


The combination of a late night and an afternoon of outside inactivity conspired together to make us sleepy. My parents were coming round later but we felt we had enough time for a little nap.


I’d calculated how much time the meat needed but for reasons that I’m not entirely sure about I’d taken the weight in kilos as the weight in pounds. The revelation that I should be cooking in metric threw the timings of the meal. I should have put the meat in the oven a long time before I did.


We stalled my parents hunger with guacamole and wine. The tactic worked and the meat turned out to be cooked perfectly. We completed the meal with an Eton mess style concoction. There was no need for the cheese we had in reserve.


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