I didn’t have to go to work this morning so I tried to take the opportunity to stay in bed a little longer than normal. My ear had other ideas, it wanted to keep me awake by pulsing pain round my head. In the end, I had a little lie in rather that the massive teenage lie in I’d wanted.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to put some music on a CD for an event. Every time the CD had been tested only the first two tracks played. After a lot of research and much more fiddling about I found the right program to put the music in the right format onto the correct CD. I then played the CD on as many different machines as possible to make sure that it worked correctly. All this made clearing up after last night’s meal a little more entertaining.


We delivered CD to the venue and waited whilst they tested it in their machine. I had no doubt that tracks one and two would work. They have on all previous attempts but I was relieved to hear the next three tracks as well. This was a problem that had taken far too long to solve.


The front garden had been growing with abandon and it was time to get it tamed and trimmed. The creepers on the wall had started to make their way across the cobbles and the weeds in the cracks had been getting thicker and stronger by the day. It was all looking just a little unkempt. We set to with tools and implements of destruction to get everything back into something far more cultivated and less natural.


I’ve suspected that there was an ants nest in the pot outside the door for a while but I’ve never got round to investigating. The rose in the pot has started looking a little poorly so I thought that it was time to repot it. That is when I found the true extent of the ants next and why the rose was a little worse for wear. The earth was riddled with tunnels, chambers and ant eggs. There were ants everywhere and they were no happy with me disturbing their home. I could have poured boiling water over them but instead I relocated them to the flower boarder where they spent the next few hours salvaging and rebuilding. At least I won’t have flying ants outside the front door this year.


My next-door neighbours had invited us round for dinner this evening. They treated us to a home-made fish pie and followed it with individual summer puddings. It certainly filled a hole and was very tasty. The conversation moved to holidays and it was then that I mentioned that I liked Metaxa brandy. Peter had a special bottle of brandy hidden away in a dark recess. It wasn’t Metaxa but it had all the hallmarks of having a similar pedigree. There were plenty of starts on the label and a number of prestigious but obscure awards. This was the real deal. Peter used it mainly to set Christmas puddings on fire. I took a sip, it had that dark raisin taste that I expect a Greek brandy to have. In fact I quite liked it. I wouldn’t want to drink it in quantity as the hangover would be spectacular.


I turned into a pumpkin at ten thirty and had to leave. It was a combination of food, wine, brandy and ear ache that did it.


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