I woke in the middle of the night feeling ill. I lay there for a while debating whether to move and hoping that the feeling would go away. It felt like I had foaming acid cheese bubbling up from my stomach to the back of my throat. It really wasn’t very pleasant. In the end I went to the bathroom and sat on the cold floor for a while. Nothing dramatic happened so I fetched a bucket from the lobby and put it by the side of the bed. I felt much more prepared.


I didn’t have to go to work this morning but that was no compensation for the general feeling of being unwell. I’d lost my appetite and that is never a good thing.


I had someone visiting the house for a viewing this afternoon so everything needed hiding away so that the house looked clean and tidy. I was happy to watch loved one do the bulk of the work whilst I pretended to be useful.


It was such a lovely day that we decided we needed to go for a walk. We wandered off over to the fields where I used to take my dog. I’ve not been there for a very long time but it is always nice regardless of the season. Loved one was mentally noting where all the bramble patches were for future reference and blackberry picking.


We visited my parents for lunch. Mum took a lot of persuading that I didn’t have an appetite and that I didn’t feel hungry but in the end accepted that I really didn’t want anything to eat.


I made a bee line for the bed when we got home. I was feeling rough and needed sleep. At least my ear wasn’t quite as painful. I emerged from the cotton cocoon a few hours later feeling a little better. The shower helps but the appetite was still absent.


Loved one ate alone tonight, I just couldn’t face food.


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