The alarm was a bit of a shock this morning. I had to go to work and that involved dragging my carcass out of bed.  I wasn’t feeling as bad as yesterday but still couldn’t face eating breakfast. My ear wasn’t giving me as much pain either but it wasn’t full fixed. I would like to be able to hear out of it at some point.


It was someone’s birthday at work so there was cake a plenty. I broke my fast at about 11 with a cup cake. There were no dramatic consequences.


I had planned to go out for lunch with a couple of colleagues but I was greeted by a mail that told me one couldn’t make it. I went to the canteen with the other one instead. It wasn’t quite the pub visit we planned but it was better than sitting at my desk.


It was still someone’s birthday when we got back so we tucked into the chocolate cookies that they had kindly provided. I tried to convince myself that they were doing no damage to my waistline by eating an odd number of biscuits. An odd biscuit here and there can’t do much harm.


Loved one and I went for a walk round the golf course when I got home. It was too nicer day not to. We spotted a few rabbits, a dead deer and lots of dog walkers. Preparations were being made for the village’s annual scarecrow festival. Assorted themed scarecrows seemed to be popping up everywhere. Some of them where very cute whereas others looked like they were straight out of a horror movie.


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