It was a hot and clammy night. I woke up feeling damp and sticky. I blessed the gods of plumbing whilst I had a shower.


Today was my last day at work for this company. We celebrated with a full fat breakfast in the canteen. It seemed rude not to.


I had the exit interview just before lunch. It was brief. I didn’t feel the need to plant hatchets as I knew it would do no good. Instead I chatted about a few things that I have found infuriating over the years.


I went to a local pub for a meal with a friend. It’s probably the last time I’ll see her, something neither of us wanted to say.


I finished my time at work by having tea and cake with another friend. It seemed the right way to finish the last hour of the last thirteen years.


I handed my laptop and peripherals into HR, wandered down to reception, gave in my passes and keys then walked to the car. That was it. Chances are I’ll never be back.


Loved one and her friend had been wandering around town looking at the slights. We all bundled into the car and I took there for a mini tour. The first stop was the top of the downs. The whole of the weald was laid out before us in wonderful clarity.


Next, we visited a pond. It was a very peculiar colour and very cold. Apparently, it stays at the same temperature all year. An impressive fact but not very picturesque.


We passed by a few chocolate box villages before deciding to stop for a swift beer. We found a country pub and sat in the sun whilst watching all human life pass by. We had a brief chat about the things I’ll miss. This sort of thing will be one of them.


We finished the evening at home with a stir fry. We were all too tired to do anything else.


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