After a very comfortable night in one of the rooms we had breakfast with a few of our guests that had also stayed. My brother and I went for the full fat options whilst everyone else had the lesser options. We chatted about this and that and nothing of any consequence. It was a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast.


We popped into to see my parents after breakfast. Mainly to say thank you for yesterday and to ring a taxi. Dad offered to drive us home. It was an offer we didn’t refuse.


After the excitement of yesterday I needed a quiet day today. We said good bye to some of our guests and then settled down to a bit of dedicated milling about and doing nothing. It was just perfect.


In the evening, the girls went out for a meal whilst Pete and I went with the cycling club to Lee Valley Velodrome. It had taken two years to get the booking to ride on the Olympic track and there was no way that I was going to miss the experience. The celebrations yesterday didn’t help my fitness and endurance but I didn’t care. I was on the track in the wheel tracks of champions. I loved it.


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