Lie in

I’d got home late last night so I needed a lie in. It didn’t happen as the combination of light and people moving around the house conspired to wake me up. Instead of sleeping soundly I tried to eat breakfast and be sociable


People had bags and places to go so for an hour or so I became a taxi driver giving lifts to the station.


I was meant to be getting something from upstairs but an hour or so later loved one found me fast asleep on the bed. The last few days had caught up with me.


Loved one and I and another friend spent the afternoon visiting Chartwell. We took the tour of the house and marvelled at the rooms. Then we toured the tea shop and marvelled at the cream tea. We were easily impressed.


I got my swab results whilst having tea. They said I needed a telephone consultation and the first one was in a week and a half. I took this to mean that they hadn’t found anything serious. The new course of antibiotics seems to be working.


We took the long way home so that our guest could fully appreciate the narrow country lanes, slow moving busses and other features of the English landscape

Mr. Pokey

An old friend who I’ve not seen for a very long-time cam round to see me this evening. He was lured by beer, books and the promise of caving gear. We sat on the sofa and chatted about our climbing days until it was far too late in the evening.


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