My aching body was not amused at the sound of the alarm this morning. I felt like I’d just closed my eyes and now I had to start another day.


My phone went at 6:15 and I knew it would be the taxi. I patiently explained that I’d ordered the taxi for 6:45. He was very apologetic.


The airport seemed to be stuffed full with packs of slow moving people. This did nothing for my temperament. I’ve seen the inside of too many airports to make them a novelty. At least the plane left almost on time.


The taxi was waiting to take us to the hotel. It was a fair distance away so every time I woke up the scenery had changed.


We were given a drink when we arrived. I carried on with beer as that seemed to be the theme of my day. We did all the usual formalities and then headed for our room and the comfort of an air conditioner


Later we met up with the others on the swim holiday. There was a lot of down playing of ability going on with many of the others claiming that they would be into slow group. Although some maybe I doubt all of them will.


Once the introductions and briefing had finished we settled down to a meal with the group. I had a beetroot and tzatziki starter and followed it with veal served with rice and onions. Both were simple dishes prepared well and I enjoyed both of them


Loved one and I chatted to various people in the group until there was no one was left at the bar.


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