The bed in our hotel room was two single beds pushed together. This effectively killed any cross bed cuddling as a gaping chasm would open up and swallow us whole.


We woke to the sound of rain. This is not what I’d expect for my first morning on a Greek island.


We went to the breakfast room and were confronted by meats, cheeses, yoghurt and fruit. We could cope with the whole continental breakfast concept but I had a real problem with the size of the cups. I drink tea by the bucket not by the thimble.


This morning’s swimming was cancelled due to the weather. The guides hoped that the forecast was correct and it would clear up by the afternoon. We amused ourselves by being incredibly lazy.


We’d broke the laziness by having lunch on the hotel the hotel terrace. The choice was either bean soup or meat soup. Both sounded good. I decided on the meat soup. It was lovely despite the small chunks of celery lurking in the depths waiting for the unaware.


The weather had improved enough by the afternoon for some swimming. We headed out to a suitable spot and got ready for the test. The guides wanted to split us into three groups so the needed to know how fast we swam. All we had to do was swim two loops. The three groups appeared naturally. I was for the first time in my life in the fast group.


Our first real swim started a little while later. The boat took us to a little cove where we dropped into the warm blue water. We followed the coast line, hugging the rocks. The sea was a little lumpy but nothing of any consequence. Little fish darted around below and sea weed waved in the current. At last a long swim to relax into an enjoy. My lovely calm and peaceful world was disturbed when I nearly swam into a pedalo.


A snap group of us made for the bar. The beer was purely to take the taste of salt out of our mouths.


There is only a small selection of restaurants where we are staying. We decided to try the one that was described as more up market. It was a good choice. Loved one had the grilled squid and I had the mushroom risotto. Both were excellent. I would go as far as to say that mine was the best mushroom risotto that I have ever had. The entertainment was supplied by a large table in front. There seemed to be a simmering argument between to of the girls. It culminated in the father figure acting as peace maker by escorting the girls away for a full and frank discussion.


I think I was asleep before my head touched the pillow.


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