We tried going to breakfast later in order to have a few minutes more sleep but mainly to miss the noisy Italians. The plan almost worked. I only had to suffer a few minutes of them discussing how loud an exit to make from the breakfast room. I may have imagined the collective sigh of relief when normality returned to the morning.


Swimming along a coast is fine but swimming round an island is better. Today we swam round an island. I’m almost sure that Greek law states that if you swim round an island you own it. It was a small island and there were a lot of fish trying to take ownership as well.


Swimming round something is fine but swimming between islands is better. After encircling the island, we struck out across the channel, protected from the other sea traffic by the big boat. The view of the bottom was replaced with the blue void where mythical beasts live, but only for a short time. We finished the swim by following the coastline along for a while. I felt that we could have carried on to the fishing village up the coast but that would have entailed dicing with yachts of all shapes and sizes.


We stopped at the small fishing village. Down on the beach there was a choice of tavernas but night above in the actual village there where tavernas with spectacular views. Three of us braved the sweaty walk and were rewarded with a panorama of the bay.


We found a small restaurant an ordered our obligatory illicit beer. None of us was that hungry so we ordered a Greek salad from the appetizers section of the menu. The salad that arrived could have easily feed the entire village for a month. We pact some scraps for the poor and infirm of the village.


This afternoons swim followed the coast. Loved one an I had moved to a slower group to allow some of the others to release their inner speed demon. This allowed us plenty of time to appreciate the ever-changing temperature of the water. One moment it would be almost bath like, the next like a cold shower on a hot afternoon.


We saw goats clinging to a rock face. They took no notice of us as they were secure in the knowledge that none of us were able to stick to the rock.


The entire group went to the more upmarket restaurant this evening. Owning the to unique way chairs have to be laid out loved one and I had to sit on a separate table. No amount of discussion and gentle persuasion could change their minds. I had a chicken souvlaki. I wasn’t quite as impressed with this meal. It was a bit dry and lacking in flavour.


We ended the evening sitting on a veranda sipping Metaxa brandy and looming at photographs. The unique taste of Metaxa ended the evening quite quickly.


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