The alarm went off at silly o’clock as we had a long journey to today’s swim. I blundered around getting ready before going to the peaceful breakfast room. It was far too early for the vocal Italians to start shouting at each other.


Today’s swim was a long crossing between two islands. As with all crossings we had to follow the international protocol of touching dry land on both sides. Our group swam into the deep blue sea next to the big boat. From the water, the crossing looked a very long way but once we started and found our rhythm the time seemed to fly by. The break for a drink every twenty minutes seemed to be a mild inconvenience. It seemed like no time at all had passed when we arrived on the beach on the opposite shore,

Fish food

Whist we waited for the other groups to finish we attracted horde of fish using bread as a lure.


We had lunch in a small fishing village. I had my usual Greek salad whilst loved on had octopus croquettes. In the middle of the meal a ferry emptied a seething mass of humanity onto the quay side turning a peaceful village into a shopping centre. There were many Italians.


We decided to eat at the hotel tonight as someone recommended the lemon chicken. I seemed to be surrounded by people who were decidedly more vocal than me, I sat and listened to the conversational sparing and marveled had how no one seemed to be listening until I’d drunk too much beer to care,


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