It was a later start today so loved one and I could breakfast in the quiet dining room. It was almost blissful to have my Greek yoghurt and fruit followed by as few slices of meat and cheese accompanied by a boiled egg and a cup of tea or two.


We made our last journey down the steep steps of doom to the boat.

Oligarch island

Today’s swim took us along the coast of an island once owned by the Onassis family but now owned by someone far shadier. It wasn’t far from where we where staying so we were there in no time at all. We followed the coastline which, I’m sure was stunning but I was more concerned about the queasy feeling in my stomach. I knew what was wrong. I hadn’t heeded the advice of never swimming after a meal, this advice usually comes with dire consequences but in this case all that happened was that a few fish had an early breakfast.


Two of the coves were conned off with buoys to remind interlopers that this was private property. This was backed up with men dressed in black standing beside black jet skis on the shore. I made sure to pass each buoy on the inside as a small act of defiance.


Our swim ended in the only public bay on the island. We sat around, played with balls and ate watermelon to celebrate the end of our swimming holiday.


We returned to the hotel for our no longer illicit but now almost obligatory beer. We then made full use of the hotel pool, especially the bubbly bit.


Loved one and I treated ourselves to an end of swimming holiday massage. Loved one went first whilst I lay on the bed and gently fell asleep. After an hour, it was my turn to lay on the table and be manipulated by a man with strong hands. He found many lumps and bumps in my arm and back muscles that he smoothed away. The experience was slightly marred by me feeling a little sick at the beginning, but after a bit of sweating that feeling went away. I had to be poured off the table because I was so relaxed.


The entire group went out for a meal in the big town tonight. It was an interesting place run by an Albanian ex-circus performer. The meal its self was similar to everything we had eaten this week but the company and entertainment made it much more special.


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