Lie in

There was no reason to get up this morning, so we had a long luxurious lie in. We got out of bed and prepare ourselves for breakfast by washing and showering. After a week of timelines this made a pleasant change,


We sat on the terrace for a leisurely breakfast, disturbed only by a cat demanding food with cuteness. My resolve crumbled in seconds and the cat had the breakfast she thought she deserved.

Check in

I had to deal with the airlines on line check in. I swear that they could win awards for making a simple process overly complicated. Sometimes I feel that all these self-service on line things are more hassle than they are worth. It would be quicker and easier to have a professional do it for you. This may also be a sign of me getting old.


Despite our bag being over the stipulated weight and our hand luggage being big, bulky and way over the stipulated weight we passed through the bag drop with no problems.


I walked through security with a bunch of keys in my pocket. Nothing happened.


There was a delay, of course there was a delay. It’s the height of summer. It wasn’t a long delay and unlike delays in the past I was in no rush to get home. I filled the time by drinking the last of our euros.


I deployed my sleeping superpowers to make the flight as short as possible. I enhanced these powers with the subtle use of beer.


I saw my house from the window of the plane. That made me unbelievably happy. Only two hours later I was back there drinking tea and feeling very tired


I was not in the mood to cook, neither was loved one. We had a Chinese take away instead. This way it felt like we were still on holiday.


The curtains drew on my world very quickly. I was aware that loved one was doing something technical with garments and machines that produced damp clothes on drying racks but I was unable to offer anything except token offers of help. I laid on the bed and seconds later entered the friendly world of oblivion.


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