There was no need to get up this morning so we stayed in bed for a very long time. We were both tired after the holiday so I feel that we needed the sleep.


My house had to be sorted into three piles: carrying, sending and throwing, ready for the big move. We started by sorting out the carrying pile as this had a weight restriction.


I had my telephone consultation with the doctor at lunch time. It appears that my ear had a fungal infection and that it would be wise to have another course of medication.


We have discovered another pile: giving away to relatives.


For someone who rarely goes to the pharmacy frequently I been there a lot in the last month. Each time I go the wait for the medicine preparation seems to take longer and longer


Instead of waiting we went to visit my sister and to see her children. We handed over a pile of stuff that they might find useful or they might transport directly to the bin. The kids haven’t really grasped the concept of me leaving but my sister has and she is not that happy about it.


We finished the day watching rubbish television whilst falling asleep on the sofa. Our not very strenuous day was really quite tiring.


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