I stepped on the scales this morning and recoiled with horror. A wedding and a holiday have not been kind to my waistline. I’m now officially a big fat blob. I’m not happy about this.


We had a small portion of scrambled eggs and bacon this morning as park of the new regime of not gaining any more weight. I’m not sure if it helped.


I started work to the sending pile today. All the things that need to be parcelled up and sent overseas where gathered in one place. My thoughts on this alternated between “that’s really not that much” to “Oh God! There is so much stuff there”.


The estate agent brought two sets of people around for viewing today. The first one was round in a matter of minutes and then back to a waiting car. I don’t hold out much hope for that one. The second was a couple and they spent much longer poking around the nooks and crannies of the house. The cat took to the woman as loved one gave her a tour of the garden. I didn’t get the feeling that they liked to place though.


I’d saved dismantling the bikes till last. All that needed doing was to clean them, remove the peddles and loosen the handlebars. It didn’t seem like much but in took quite a while to do.


Pete came round for dinner tonight after time trialling. His wife is away so loved one invited him round to share our “things we found I the freezer” meal. We had a long chat about me still not having found anywhere for the cat to live when I leave.


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