I was up and about unusually early this morning. I felt I had a lot of preparation to do this morning ready for the movers to pack my life into boxes. In the end, I got everything finished way ahead of time.


To fill the time before the movers came Loved one showed me how to play Candy Crush: this game makes no sense to me at all. I have no idea how the thing works or how a game is one. I seemed to be following a set of hints, this is not me playing the game, this is a computer instructing me what to do. Every now and then Loved one would suggest an inexplicable move in another part of the game; suddenly, all kinds of things would happen and words would appear on the screen. I still have no idea what was going on.


The movers arrived late due to a main road being pulled to pieces. This has been a feature of many road journeys in the area for the last week. They quickly and efficiently packed all my assorted trivia into cardboard boxes and loaded them into a van. One of the guys was a cyclist so we had a long chat about my bamboo bike and the Trike. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’d loosened everything off I’m sure I could have persuaded him to have a go. That would have brought some comedy value to an otherwise emotional day.


My sister had an operation on her back today. It involved a long needle, x-rays and general anaesthetic. She was first on the list so it was all over by nine thirty. We wandered round at about six to see how she was and to off load some of my junk on her.


We had dinner with my neighbour again this evening. He prepared baked salmon and it was truly lovely. He served it with vegetables collected from the garden and a bottle of wine.


We discussed whether salt water fish drink or not; it turns out that they do and fresh water fish don’t. It’s all to do with osmosis.


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