Lie in

After all the excitement and emotions of the last few days lying in bed puzzling over candy crush seemed like a good idea.


Loved one wanted a lift into town at eleven thirty and my mum was going to pop round at some time this morning. It was inevitable that Mum would appear within minutes of when we had to leave. This is always the way.


I spent the afternoon trying to cancel services and bills. I kept being put through to their retention departments who wanted me to stay with the company and offer me all kinds of incentives. The conversation always ended abruptly when I told them where I was going.


I thought I had a home for my cat. I felt it would be cruel to subject an old cat to the inoculations and the long plane journey so I’d asked around and found someone willing to take her on. One text blew that plan out of the water. I have an “in case of emergencies smash glass” plan that would involve a life time of guilt and recriminations but I wasn’t willing to activate it just yet. First an appeal via social media.


We went to a local pub to meet up with and ex-boss this evening. Loved one and I went a little earlier so that we could eat before he arrived but we had totally forgotten that it was quiz night. All of the inside tables had been reserved. The weather wasn’t too inclement so we decided to sit outside until a table came free. My ex-boss was nearly frozen before we managed to get inside. Once there we set about answering all the quiz question out loud, and most likely wrong. It was an entertaining evening


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