Lie in

The down side of an evening out and getting back late is that I was unable to start the day in the usual way. I had a couple of false starts before finally rising from the pit of doom and making enough tea to rehydrate my body into some semblance of humanity.


We visited the wedding photographer this morning and spent a happy hour or so going through all the photos and reliving the memory. We have enough photos to boar a sizable audience into submission.


I checked my e-mails when we left and found we had a viewing in a few hours’ time. Even though the house was empty it was still in a bit of a mess. It needed some spit and polish to make it look appealing. We both scrubbed and hoovered as if our lives depended upon it.


It started badly, the agent had brought the wrong key. I offered the usual line “please excuse the mess we are in a bit of chaos”. It’s a standard lie as everyone knows that we would have been cleaning and tidying. Once inside the potential tenants seemed to fall in love with the place. They were also interested in taking on the cat and the sofa. I didn’t want to be too optimistic as I’ve been in this situation before but it was hard not to be.


We dropped in on my sister on the way to get some food. She was watching a programme on bees and in her usual style had over done it during the day. She seemed to have forgotten that she was only just out of hospital.


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